Architectural Stone Designing Services | Vermont Stone Art

As a full-service architectural stone company, Vermont Stone Art offers assistance in all phases of a project. Here is an overview of our designer services:

Stone Selection
Our sales representatives work with designers to determine the most suitable stone for a specific application that meets the architects aesthetic and physical property requirements. When adding on to an existing structure we can typically find an appropriate stone to match the original stone. Once a stone is selected, VSA is able to provide all specification data required in CSI format.

To see and feel is to believe. We can arrange for suitable samples to be sent directly to you for review with the finishes that are being considered. We can determine and recommend finishes that will best suit your needs.

Budget Analysis
In the complex world of architectural stone selection, it is important for the client to understand relative cost information of each stone being considered. VSA sales representatives will be able to provide a price analysis of the stones being considered so the designer can make an informed decision.