Case Study – Limestone Transforms New England Home

by stoneart on November 24, 2015

Project: Private Residence
Architect: Tsoi Kobus, Boston Massachusetts
Mason: MP Masonry
Date completed: August 24, 2014

Vermont Stone Art

Vermont Stone ArtVermont Stone Art
Vermont Stone ArtVermont Stone ArtVermont Stone Art

It all started with the question – “How can I (homeowner) transform my typical New England home – and by the way I want a limestone wall running through the center of it”?

This wonderful project in the greater Boston area started back in 2013 at the architectural firm of Tsoi Kobus. The plan for the exterior of the home was to use beautiful custom shiplap mahogany, but the homeowner had a vision of using limestone as the center piece of the two story house. The limestone wall would divide the full length of the house in half and extend four feet above the roof line and 20 feet at one end. Quite a vision!

So the search for the right limestone began. At our first meeting the focus was on domestic limestone because of availability, however, we soon realized the Indiana limestone really didn’t offer enough of what the homeowner was looking for. We changed focus to a beautiful limestone from Portugal which features a nice soft cream color with caramel veining running through it, which was a great choice and ended up being very easy to work with. Once the stone selection had been made we scheduled a trip to Portugal to review the plant and the material prior to it shipping.

Back home our draftsman began what would be a 4 month process to produce shop drawings and fabrication tickets – over 100 of them! The hanging system for the stone was designed by a local engineer hired by MP Masonry from Norfolk, Massachusetts, the installer for the project. MP Masonry used teams of masons on this project, due to the size and many details, including keeping a constant watch on the direction of the veining in the stone. One of the critical design elements was for the veining to continue at a 45 degree angle, viewed from either side of the wall both inside and out. The installation also took approximately 4 months with BayPoint Builders from Newton, Massachusetts serving as Construction Manager for the project. Their management team was an integral part of the design process. Vermont Stone Art is pleased to have participated in this project.

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